Mohmad  zoekt een Studio / Kamer in Enschede

Mohmad zoekt: Een Studio / Kamer in Enschede

  • Studio / Kamer
  • Min. 24 m2
  • Man
  • 23 Per direct

Hi I am Mohmad ! I am a master student at the university Of Twente.
My hobbies are cycling and cooking.
I am currently looking for a room for me and my girlfriend.
She's an entrepreneur working on supporting mental health in Gaza remotely. We've been dating for a year and half now, and we're still very madly in love.

We're very social and open people and we like to explore and live new experiences and meet new people. You'll find us hanging out in the shared room a lot discussing different topics, playing games or watching all types of movies/series- game shows, Kdrama, horror, anime, comedy, multicultural, etc. We'll be asking you to join us in hangouts, exploring different cities in the Netherlands, and sharing meals, a lot of them!! Raghad is a great cook and likes to cook and share the food. You're always invited to share a meal with us since we're used to generously share meals with our family.

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  Man, 23 jaar